Monday, April 13, 2015

Wellness Meets Technology

All About Health: Trackers, Risk Appraisals, and Apps

Current technology lets us monitor just about anything. In the wellness industry, we can use technology to build awareness, change attitudes, and ultimately shape our health behaviors.

This year, SkyWell had the opportunity to use the Personal Responsibility Health Record (PRHR™) courtesy of myNutratek. More than 100 students registered during the SkyWell Wellness Expo, and can now access the web portal to monitor up to 17 different trackers, including activity, sleep, water, nutrition, BMI, blood pressure, glucose, and migraine headaches. According to myNutratek CEO Tim Codd, “Our portal drives education and awareness of positive behaviors by measuring and tracking observations of daily living. With the help of technology, our tool has evolved beyond the classroom.”

In the corporate setting, companies offer health risk appraisals to help employees and retirees plan and execute personal wellness plans. By analyzing a combination of health history information, biometric data, and self-reported health behaviors, health risk appraisals help companies plan wellness interventions and predict future health trends and care costs.

Today, more than 5,800 medical, health, and fitness apps are available for smartphones and mobile technology, including meal planners, diet and exercise trackers, restaurant finders, and nutrition label scanners. These apps quickly and conveniently help individuals find information and measure status and progress.

The future offers limitless opportunities for mobile health and wellness technology. Do you have a great idea for a new mobile wellness app? Come to a SkyWell Club meeting and share it.

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