Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Lifetime of Wellness

The Sustainable Cycle of Self Care

An interesting book showed up on my dining table last weekend: NO SWEAT – How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness, by Michelle Segar, PhD. Not only is Dr. Segar a renowned expert in kinesiology, movement science and motivation, but she is also, coincidentally, from my hometown of Flint, Michigan. We grew up on the same street. We have one degree of separation, her childhood friend and my brother, Peter.

Dr. Segar presents an interesting and compelling position on why most Americans fail at achieving one important wellness goal – the ongoing pursuit of a lifetime of physical activity. “When you want to stick with something for life,” she says, “you must change your perspective.” She encourages us to shift from a short term view (losing 10 pounds, running a race, hiking to the summit) to a long term goal of a lifetime of fitness. 

This perspective will help individuals create a sustainable cycle of self-care by moving the bar higher, making every physical activity we do a step toward a lifetime goal.

“If the horizon is the rest of your life,” how do you stay motivated? At our monthly SkyWell Club meetings, we discuss the physical dimension of wellness. Staying motivated includes having fun and being with friends, a social component of physical activity that includes both team sports and individual pursuits. 

That’s why SkyWell is planning activities for all students, including events during the winter months like tournaments and an all-school field day. The cycle of self-care includes many things to promote wellness and well-being.

Wellness is a life skill, and remember this: It’s not the event, it’s the journey.

Thank you SkyWell for making the discussion come alive for everyone.

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