Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Water Fuels your Health

Drinking water is imperative to your overall wellness and to everyday body function. By drinking 8 glasses of water daily (or more if you exercise regularly), you will feel more energized and reduce your risks of headache and muscle cramping. Water is also important for normal muscle function, and overall homeostasis in your body.

Buy a refillable SkyWell water bottle - not only can you increase your awareness about wellness, but you are also doing yourself a big favor by helping your body become healthier. SkyWell water bottles are available in the Health & Medicine magnet for $10, and soon available in the SkyStore. To purchase one either talk to Mr. Bradley or contact Jonathan Gurkan or Alli Schulcz. $2 from each sale will be applied to a new wellness project that will benefit the entire school.

Jonathan Gurkan: jonathangurkan@gmail.com
Alli Schulcz: aschulcz16@gmail.com

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