Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Calling all Skyline Students and Staff:

We care about you!

Take the Pledge to Drive Safely 

Here is the link:  


Sunday, January 7, 2018


Get Ready for Drive Well SkyWell!

Our 2018 theme is Don't Get Rekt - focusing on what you can do to decrease your risk of a driving accident or injury. Reckless driving comes in all shapes and sizes - from drowsy driving to speeding - distracted driving to forgetting your glasses.

This year you will have plenty of chances to participate in the campaign with simulated driving experiences, interactive displays, and a pledge to drive safely.

Are You Ready to Drive Well?

Monday, November 27, 2017

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness ... 

is a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings and thoughts.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sleep - No Stress

Technology and Mindfulness 

Thank you to our school psychologist Andrew Nalepa, Phd, for this contribution:

“It may seem like you are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before, but you have a network of support at Skyline to help you in developing effective coping skills.  One step is to increase your awareness of mindfulness and mindful practices – which can be a useful response to a variety of emotional wellness needs.  There are many different ways to incorporate mindful practices into your everyday life to combat stress; however, it’s crucial to make time in your daily routine.  

Regular practice will increase your success, and help you find the right ‘fit’. “

Smartphone applications are a popular way to explore mindfulness in a guided way, including: 

Stop, Breathe, Think
Take a Break!
Grow:  Mindfulness for Teens
Smiling Minds
Take a Chill

Using technology for mindfulness may seem contradictory at times, but these apps will likely be most effective with regular digital breaks- the key is finding balance! 

Try one and let us know what you think!

Live Well | Think Well | SkyWell

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year SkyWell brings awareness and attention to a serious disease, breast cancer.  There are many Think Pink events in our community this month and we encourage all students to get involved to support breast cancer education and research. Cancer prevention means more physical activity, consuming a diet with fresh produce, maintaining a healthy weight, and seeking out preventive screening exams when appropriate.

This year, the SkyWell Board in the commons also highlights another danger for cancer risk - tobacco use and e-cigarettes. Please see our display!

Join us for SkyWell Club every Monday !

Live Well | Think Well | SkyWell

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SkyWell Mission File due Feb 21, 2018 in the Commons

Please check out www.a2SkyWell,
to print off the Mission File and Form #1,
plus the Four Question Strategy.
Good luck

Today we will use the ScienceDaily website to get some ideas in wellness.
SkyWell Expo Feb 21, 2018
Your final team poster will look like the example on display in Williams.