Monday, September 5, 2016

Getting Ready for Another Great Year of SkyWell Wellness

We are off to a great start this year. SkyWell champions have developed a calendar of events that will meet the needs and priorities of many students and staff. SkyWell Club leaders have also agreed to meet every Monday after school, beginning September 12, to make participation easier and attract more interest. We hope to see you then!

In a great conversation with SJMHS/Ann Arbor, we discussed some exciting possibilities to engage other high schools in wellness, bring medical experts and administrative leaders to participate with our students in the wellness dialog, and tap their vast clinical resources at our Wellness Expo and Career Fair. We look forward to working together.

This year, please join us at these special events:
  • Monthly SkyWell Club activities to promote stress management, increase health awareness on a variety of topics, reduce stigmas and stereotypes, and have fun;
  • January 2017 – Our 3rd annual SkyWell Wellness Expo will also feature a health and medical career fair and our annual survey assessment of wellness needs and interests;
  • February 2017 – a Million Step Challenge, offering a grand prize to the school whose team achieves one million steps first;
  • May 2017 – Our 2nd annual Walk for Wellness Fundraiser for a charity to be determined.

Welcome Back Students. Have a great year!

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