Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank You to SkyWell Guest Speaker Charlie Estey

SkyWell  Hears Inspiration from Interactive Health’s  EVP Charlie Estey

On November 10th, the SkyWell student board of directors was joined by Charlie Estey, an industry leader in worksite wellness and president-elect of the International Association of Worksite Health Promotion. His inspirational words helped us to better understand how “engagement” is one key to program success and will help us to build a culture of wellness at Skyline.

“Making wellness fun” was one of his key messages as he shared examples of how to develop and package our wellness messages in ways that students will accept – and want to participate in. He suggested that SkyWell join forces with Student Action Senate, DECA and other student clubs to work together on promotional programs and activities to get more students on board and broaden the reach of our awareness building strategies. Mr. Estey also emphasized the need for both top-down and bottom-up support, aligning SkyWell with the needs and goals of Skyline as an organization.

“I haven’t seen a program of this scale at the high school level and it’s great to be a part of it,” said Charlie. “Supporting SkyWell as they determine what a culture of wellness can mean is an inspiration to us all. We are building future wellness leaders and advocates for decades to come.”

Thank You from SkyWell !

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