Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get Moving in May!

SkyWell Focus on Physical Wellness

May is National Physical Fitness Month, sponsored by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.  Now that Spring is finally here, what better time to celebrate physical activity and bring awareness to how a physically active lifestyle can promote personal wellness. At Skyline High School, our SkyWell Wellness Champions have many creative ideas about the physical dimensions of wellness and how we can encourage our student body to get active.

While only 25% of our students report 60 minutes or more of activity 5 days per week, what would happen if we sponsored some new events to promote wellness –
  • How about a Field Day with teams based on our SLCs?
  • Why don’t we sponsor a walking/bike event between Skyline and Community High School? It’s only 3.7 miles and could be fun sharing our wellness message with another Ann Arbor school.
  • Or perhaps a jump rope marathon, just like we did in elementary school, to raise funds for a wellness organization?

This year marks the five year anniversary of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move Initiative. Let’s join her by bringing together students, parents and teachers at our school to promote moving more during the school day.

Join us at SkyWell and share your ideas

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